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League FAQs

League FAQs

Leagues are simply a group of individuals who get together to bowl socially and/or competitively. They return on the same day and time for a set number of weeks either on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

You can join a league by signing up at any of our centers with an associate or directly on the centers website.

League Bowlers get many great rewards. They receive a 20% discount on Food & Beverage purchases (excludes Alcohol), 2 Free Practice games each week with a discounted practice game rate after and 10% discount on booked events through our Group Sales Department. We also offer a Loyalty Reward program that is based on visits and purchases for the month. The amount of money spent on purchases must meet the minimum requirement of $10 each month. Rewards will be delivered via email.

Depends on the league! We have many different options from our short season leagues range from 5 weeks to 16 weeks to our full season sanctioned leagues, which typically last about 30 weeks.

In most leagues, you are able to pre-bowl if you know you will not be here on any given week.

League costs vary depending on the league you join. Prices can range from $10/week up to more than $24/ week. These weekly fees tend to rise if merchandise (like high performance bowling equipment) or prize money is offered in the league.

Social Leagues are generally shorter seasons and more casual, usually focusing more on having fun and getting out of the house. Competitive leagues are made up of bowlers who take the game more seriously, usually bowl a longer season, and often include prize funds at the end of the season.

We offer many leagues for all different skill levels. Even if you are just a beginner, we have a league that is a perfect fit for you!

We have Automatic Scoring Systems that compute your scores for you automatically. Each league awards teams or individuals points for winning each game and series against your opponents. You establish your average and handicap after the first week of league.

Handicap is a number added to the bowler’s average to level out the playing field and make competition fairer in leagues with bowlers of varying abilities. Handicap is then added to individual scores for each games. In Team play, all scores and handicaps are added together for each team to determine the winners of each game.

A prize fund is money that bowlers contribute to each week with their weekly league fees. This prize fund will be distributed back to the bowlers in the league based on pre-determined factors. Some examples are, Team Standings, High Average, High Series, Most Improved Average

Yes! If you have an idea, you can fill out this contact form and we'll be in touch to help you with next steps. Leagues are also very popular for team-building and as a social get-together in the workplace, so your company might be interested in starting a league. We are always here to help!

Simply fill out this contact form and a member of our League team will be happy to assist!