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We don't take ourselves too seriously. When you leave, we want you to remember the joyful moments, not your score, and have a good ol' fashioned, great time.

Obviously, you're not a golfer. - The Dude

In 2003 we opened our first Lucky Strike in Hollywood. Over the last 19 years it has become a well known icon in a town filled with icons.

From the outset, our intent was to offer a magical place to let loose, have fun, and feel great! We have always resonated with “The Dude DNA”- perhaps because we luckily inherited major pieces of the original set design from The Big Lebowski movie. It’s a long story, but one worth hearing if you ever run into us at our venues!

Over the years we have expanded throughout the country and have continued to add more things to do and an ever evolving menu of fun food and drinks. We are continually tuning and retuning our true north to the vibrations of heart, soul and the spirit of innocent play.

- Our Founders
Steven Foster, Gillian Foster & Kevin Troy

“Be careful man there’s a beverage here” - The Dude

  • 2003

    We opened our first location at the world famous Hollywood & Highland Complex.  Inspiration was found in “Hollywood Star Lanes” - the bowling alley where The Big Lebowski was filmed. This movie inspired us and it’s in the DNA of our brand. In fact, our famous Hollywood sign is the original sign from Hollywood Star Lanes and lane #7 is our bar in Hollywood. So many celebrities, so many guests, all partying together on our lanes. Check out the celebrity bowling scores when you visit!

  • 2005

    Our first venue buyout was Cher's afterparty for her farewell tour. Needless to say, she was Absolutely Fabulous!

  • 2008

    An episode of 90210 was shot at Lucky Strike and the producers used our name as the episode title.

  • 2009

    The Hollywood Vampires are booked to play at our Hollywood location. Johnny Depp shows up early for soundcheck and bowls a perfect game while waiting for the rest of his band to show up. Unfortunately, our security cameras were not on to capture the accomplishment.

  • 2010

    Lucky Strike and our Founder, Steven Foster, were featured on Season 2 of Undercover Boss. He was the first CEO to be disguised in a wig (a really bad one!)

  • 2012

    Something magical happened in our kitchen: Esteban assembles some tortilla chips on a plate with all sorts of toppings. He called his creation "nachos." After discovering this wasn't a new invention, he changed the name to "Esteban's Nachos."

  • 2015

    David Lee Roth was about to perform on our stage, when word got out, thousands showed up and we were shut down (one night only) for a capacity violation. Rock n' Roll!

  • 2016

    Lucky Strike's L.A. Live location hosted the Special Olympics World Games' bowling competition. The entire venue was transformed into a viewing Mecca with bleachers to fit 500 spectators, volunteers and athletes. It was a unique event with some incredible athletes!

  • 2020

    Alicia Keys announced her world tour from our lanes in Hollywood. But does the rest of 2020 really need an explanation?!

    Between the pandemic, a quarantine, protests, and an economic shutdown, it's been one for the history books. But guess what? Things are looking up and changing...for the better.

  • 2021

    Happiness is 2020 in the rearview mirror! We've experienced "a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta WHAT have you's" over the years and we are ready to share even more joyful moments with you and your crew this year and beyond.

No hotel art here.
Hollywood Sign

Our pride and joy is the Hollywood sign that lights up our bowling alleys. We secured the original sign from Hollywood Star Lanes where The Big Lebowski was filmed. You will find replicas in many of our venues, but the original remains in our Hollywood location.


We love books just about as much as we love bowling. Take one, give one, add one. Just enjoy!


This light feature was inspired by a chandelier our founder, Steven Foster, purchased long ago. Fun fact: Diane Keaton previously owned the original! We loved it so much we bought it and had it duplicated for the rest of our venues! The original shines brightly in Hollywood.

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